Brewer Signs Order Challenging Deferred-Action Policy: As thousands of young illegal immigrants were lining up to apply for Obama's deferred-action policy Wednesday, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed an executive order denying state benefits to any qualifying so-called Dreamers, Politico reports. Brewer, who signed one of the country's toughest anti-immigration legislation into law in 2010, wrote in her order that the new deferred-action policy did not entitle eligible youth to any public benefits, including driver's licenses, in Arizona.

Majority of Students Arrested by NYPD Were Black or Latino: An overwhelming majority, 96 percent, of students arrested by the New York Police Department were black and Latino students, according to a new report as reported by the Huffington Post. The study, conducted by the NYCLU, analyzed NYPD arrest data from 2011 and found that a total of 882 students were arrested last year, 48 percent of them from the Bronx area.

Ivy Leagues, Top Universities File Brief Supporting UT: Harvard University, along with several other top higher education institutions, filed an amicus brief supporting the University of Texas' admissions process in the interest of creating and promoting a diverse student body, which it argues fosters a richer educational experience, Harvard Magazine reports.

Job Market Recovering, But at an Uneven Pace
: Despite slowly improving employment numbers across the U.S., unemployment rates for blacks has been disproportionately higher than for whites, New America Media reports. The July unemployment rate for blacks hovered at 14.1 percent, compared to 7.4 percent for whites.

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