Is the Boston Airport Racially Profiling? More than 30 officers at the Logan International Airport in Boston filed complaints alleging the Transportation Security Administration's program that would identify potential terrorists based on "behavior detection" results in widespread racial profiling as officers are pressured to make more stops, the New York Times reports. Logan airport is a testing ground for the "behavior detection" program encouraged by the TSA and issues with the program may signify a larger problem for the administration, the Times reports.

Feds Say Law License for Illegal Immigrant Is Still Illegal: The Justice Department does not support a bid by an undocumented immigrant who passed the California state bar exam to receive his law license. The federal administration's position will make it more difficult for Sergio C. Garcia, who is from Mexico, to win the approval of the state's highest court, the Los Angeles Times reported. Civil-rights groups, the State Bar of California and county bar associations all support Garcia's bid for a law license.

Two Federal Agents Guilty of Smuggling Immigrants: Two Border Patrol officers were found guilty of illegally smuggling immigrants across the U.S.-Mexico border and taking bribes from public officials, Fox News Latino reports. The agents, who are brothers, were accused of smuggling hundreds of Mexican immigrants using Border Patrol vehicles and were arrested in October 2008.

Study: Diverse Law Schools Are Better: A new study has found that a racially diverse study body and faculty staff while studying law provides educational benefits for its students and society, the News of Orange County reports. The study uses 10 years of research and was published in the summer issue of the Rutgers Race & the Law Review.

UNC Faces Changing Demographics: Shifting demographics in North Carolina may be influencing how the administration at the University of North Carolina school system may be structured, reports. President Tom Ross presented a possible plan that would take into account the demographic changes in the state and the country, with particular focus on the growing number of foreign-born.

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