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In a move that should lay to rest suspicions that Clint Eastwood is a secret bailout-loving liberalmultiple media organizations are confirming that Dirty Harry himself will indeed be the "mystery guest" at the final night of the Republican National Convention. According to CNN's Deidre Walsh, Eastwood "is expected to walk through the convention floor in the afternoon for a brief rundown of the night's events." The long-time Republican endorsed Romney earlier this month at an Idaho fundraiser saying, "I think the country needs a boost somewhere." Apparently, he's in the market for lower taxes, as he said a few days later that Romney was "going to restore, hopefully, a decent tax system that we need that there's a fairness and people are not pitted against one another as to who's paying taxes and who isn't." 

It's not quite clear how the selection of a legendary Hollywood star is going to fly with Republicans, who've been lambasting President Obama for his celebrity appeal (remember this little GOP gem?), but apparently some card-carrying Republicans aren't too happy, reports U.S. News and World Report's Elizabeth Flock, who also confirmed Eastwood's attendance:

Politicians on the convention floor, however, weren't too excited about the man with no name.

"I don't know," said Florida tea party congressman Allen West of the Eastwood pick. "I don't know."

Phyllis Schlafly, an 88-year-old conservative activist known for her opposition to modern feminism, told Whispers from the convention floor: "I don't think I have anything to say about that. I don't go to the movies." 

Regardless, Eastwood can undoubtedly make it all better with one strategically-delivered hoarse-voiced line:

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