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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been given the most prominent speaking role at the Republican National Convention for anyone not named Ryan or Romney. The party is planning a formal announcement on Tuesday giving Christie the keynote slot at the Tampa gathering later this month.

Christie, whose name was thrown about as both a presidential and vice-presidential candidate earlier in this election, will get a chance to introduce himself to his largest national audience yet, and his most receptive. There is little chance of him having shout down a heckler at the GOP convention, though he wouldn't be afraid to do so if the situation called for it. For a "rising star" in the party, the keynote slot is considered an opportunity to make a career (as it did for Barack Obama in 2004) or break one (as it nearly did for Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, when he actually was heckled in 1988.) Any future Christie might have as a national political figure could begin with that speech.

After much jockeying over the speaking slots, other prominent speakers at the Republican Convention will include Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. The Democratic Party has already picked San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro to give the keynote at their convention.

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