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Some believe you should not date someone you work with. Charles Schumer is not one of those people. Instead, Schumer is a notorious matchmaker with a record of proven success in Washington. 12 'Schumer marriages' have come out of his office.

The New York Times' Michael Grynbaum has a great story about Schumer's tireless office matchmaking. Schumer been known to interrupt late night policy meetings to gossip with his staffers about potential office relationships. Schumer is happily married with two kids, but one of his biggest regrets is not having more. There's a story of Schumer calling a former staffer, years after she left his office, the day she got back from the hospital from giving birth.

He gets so excited when he find out two of his former staffers are having a 'Schumer baby' that he can hardly contain himself, as Daniel Squadron and Elizabeth Weinstein found out when they told Schumer they were expecting

Daniel Squadron, a former assistant to the senator, was set up by Mr. Schumer and his wife, Iris Weinshall, a former New York City transportation commissioner whose chief of staff, Elizabeth Weinstein, had caught Mr. Squadron’s eye.

If Ms. Weinshall called, Mr. Schumer “would ask with a giggle if I had spoken to Liz,” Mr. Squadron recalled. Once, all four bumped into one another at a Starbucks. The senator “was clearly proud of how flustered we were,” Ms. Weinstein recalled.

Years later, after the couple married, Mr. Squadron confided to the senator that Ms. Weinstein was pregnant. Mr. Schumer was so excited that he blurted it out at a news conference — not knowing that the couple had not yet told friends and colleagues.

He's an amazing wedding guest, according to Grynbaum. 'It's Raining Men' is one of his favorite wedding songs (“It’s going to rain men, so you’re going to find somebody nice,” Schumer explains), and he's known for requesting Jefferson Starship and hitting the dance floor. 

Schumer sounds like the uncle you wish you had. He's the one that never fully grew up, the one that kept a bit of boyish charm well into his twilight years. It's almost the end of wedding season. If you're looking for something nice to read this weekend, this is easily your best option

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