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In 2008, the new ubiquitous party boy in New York was not some 20-year-old hipster, but Bill Murray, who Page Six Magazine reported had begun showing up unannounced at parties in Williamsburg just to hang out. Four years later, the title of "late-blooming fun-time It guy" has been seized by former President Bill Clinton. Now, Clinton has not yet reached total Murray status -- he's not showing up at kids' parties in Brooklyn or reportedly going on a couch-surfing tour -- but he's still showing up to hang out at places that seem slightly below his status as Most Beloved Global Statesman. What on earth is Clinton doing hanging out on the 30 Rock set, showing up on basketball players' Instagrams, and, most infamously, hugging porn stars.

It's not that Clinton has stopped doing his statesman things -- that's him at left, visiting Haiti in March. But other activities involve less "raising awareness of communicable disease" and more "straight chillin' with Tina Fey." Margaret Cho told Zap 2 It Monday that being a guest star on 30 Rock means you have to ignore a lot of fancy people. Like former presidents:

Like the day that they shot the scenes in that wedding, Bill Clinton was just there, and not on camera -- just hanging out. So he wanted to visit and be part of it but not actually be on camera. So you know you have a great deal of high-profile people kind of walking around that set.

Clinton was spotted on the Instagram feed of Brooklyn Nets point guard Dereon Williams Monday by Yahoo's Kelly Dwyer, seen above. They were playing at the Barclay's Pro Am over the weekend. Clinton was spotted partying in the Hamptons the weekend before, according to Page Six. In July, he showed up at the opening of a car factory in Mississippi owned by former Democratic National Committee char Terry MacAuliffe. The New York Times' Mark Leibovich described a president making jokes with his old bros: 

“Absolutely, I would buy a new car from Terry,” he told me. “But a used car? I am not so sure about a used car.” He laughed and wheeled around and repeated the line to Barbour (“Listen to what I just told him...”), while slapping his fleshy back.

In March, Clinton was spotted hanging out with porn stars at a casino in Monte Carlo. This is the former president with adult stars Brooklyn Lee, Tasha Reign, and Jennifer Taule.








Here he is with Sean Penn at the opening ceremony of the 20th Life Ball in Vienna in May.

In February, he seemed to be BFFs with Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade.

Obviously the former president has an open invitation to all Atlantic Wire parties, should he choose to go full Murray.

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