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A new survey from USA Today/Gallup finds 9 percent of 1,033 adults surveyed have "never heard of" Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's wife, Ann. 

As The Atlantic Wire's Elspeth Reeve wrote this morning, Ann — who spoke about a miscarriage in an interview CBS News' Scott Pelley — has taken on the role of being a more "human" figure than her husband. That said, The Atlantic's Molly Ball, whose tweet alerted us to the survey, writes that even though Ann's speech at the Republican National Convention tonight is "being widely billed as an opportunity to show the 'softer side' of her husband" she's not a softie. 

According to this survey conducted August 20 through 22, overall Ann is doing much better than her husband in terms of favorability. While 42 percent find her favorable and 24 percent find her unfavorable, the gap between favorable and unfavorable for her husband is only two points. Another 25 percent have "no opinion" of Ann. 



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