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When the Sarasota County GOP announced that Donald Trump would be named 'Statesman of the Year,' we delicately questioned why, but the group's chairman Joe Gruters gave a lengthy interview to The Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf to explain the honor. Gruters focused in particular on a phrase that will feel familiar to anyone following presidential politics these days: Trump is a job creator. Here's a bit from the interview where Friedersdorf asks Gruters "What is it about [Trump] that demonstrates wisdom?" 

Well, here is one thing. While everyone else is struggling around the country, he continues to excel. He's had his own ups and downs over the course of his life, but the guy is a job creator. Election 2012 is all about jobs and the economy. Another thing we wanted to do is since he's been active with the Romney campaign trying to help the governor get elected in November, his stock continued to rise. Because with his background as a job creator and the focus of the upcoming election being jobs and the economy, it made perfect sense and he was the perfect fit for us at this time.

That there might be an answer to those on both sides who wonder what the heck Romney is doing campaigning alongside a "bloviating ignoramus" as George Will might say: It all comes back to the campaign theme of job creation.

Read the full interview at The Atlantic.

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