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A few weeks ago there was a lot of coverage surrounding the mysterious, unexplained disappearance of Jesse Jackson Jr. There were reports he was in rehab for alcoholism, for depression, and even a rumor he attempted suicide. We finally know where he really is.

At the beginning of July people started to notice that Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. had been missing for about a month. No one really knew where he was, and his office only gave a vague statement saying he was getting inpatient treatment for "physical and emotional ailments." There were rumors circulating of a suicide attempt, but Jesse Jackson Sr. denied those reports to Politico.

NBC's Andrea Mitchell reported Jackson was in a rehab facility in Arizona seeking treatment for alcoholism, addiction, and depression. Jackson's office denied that report and said he was seeking "intensive medical treatment at a residential treatment facility" for a mood disorder, but they wouldn't say where. 

It's been all quiet on the Western front since, until the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota released a statement last night saying Jackson is currently being treated for depression there. They also said he was being treated for "gastrointestinal issues," an issue that hasn't been mentioned in the press until now. Jackson had part of his stomach removed as part of a weight loss surgery in 2005. The hospital didn't disclose whether Jackson had been staying there the whole time, or if he had just begun his treatment there. It's possible he was in another facility before arriving in Minnesota, but this is the first time since his disappearance in June that we know, for certain, where in the world Jesse Jackson Jr. is. 

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