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Update: 11:35 a.m.: "This election will come down to character, conviction, vision ... and I don't need to tell you I don't think it's even a close call!" and with that, he's out. 

Update 11:33 a.m.: Biden gets his first boo. It's because he said he was closing his speech. 

Update 11:30 a.m.: "I wanna remind everybody of one thing. Remember what this, at it's core, was all was about the franchise. It was about the right to vote. Because when you have the right to vote, you have the right to change things."

Update 11:25 a.m.: "Romney and his allies see healthcare a different way," says Biden, who has been busy highlighting Romney's policies on Planned Parenthood and contraception. 

Update 11:18 a.m. First Mitt Romney mention: "Fine family man but..." Biden says, and is now speaking about education.

Update 11:17 a.m. Biden is on a roll, and naming Republican names--Cantor, McConnell, Gingrich--and their reluctance to compromise. "They have never let up," Biden said. "Neither has my guy!" Biden says to cheers. 

Update: 11:11 a.m.- "From the very moment that Barack Obama took his hand off the Bible ... he has done just that, he has put the country first," Biden says, signaling the beginning of his Obama defense/a four-year summation. "He stepped up and rescued the automobile industry--it was not popular."  No mention of Romney ... yet. 

After Mitt Romney's boo-filled warmup act yesterday, Vice President's Joe Biden has taken the stage at the NAACP's annual convention in Houston to thunderous applause. The president isn't addressing the group due to "a scheduling conflict." 

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