Syrian Border Troops Kill Three-Year-Old Boy

Syrian forces shot dead a three-year-old boy who was fleeing with other refugees across the Syria-Jordan border, Jordanian officials said Friday, according to the Associated Press.

The boy, who was killed with a bullet wound to the neck, and his parents were trying to cross a border fence to get to Jordan. Two people managed to escape, while 10 others retreated back into Syria. Initial reports indicate that there was no crossfire between troops of the two nations.

Over 140,000 Syrian refugees are currently staying in the neighboring country.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said on Thursday that the U.S. was still working with the "Friends of Syria," a group of countries working toward the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that is providing humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees.

"There is an ongoing assault happening in Syria that demonstrates once again the depravity of President Assad and his regime," Carney said at the press briefing. "The fact is they're using artillery and fixed-wing aircraft "¦ as well as helicopters against a civilian population center."

Although the U.S. has not provided direct military support to opposition forces fighting the Assad regime, sticking primarily to humanitarian aid, Carney alluded to a coming time without Assad.

"We need to move quickly to look at what Syria can and should be in a post-Assad world, work with our partners, work with the opposition to help create that transition, because Assad's days are surely numbered."

But with recent assaults in Aleppo, momentum, at least for the moment, seems to be on the side of the Assad regime.