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Update (2:56 p.m. EDT): ABC's Emily Friedman, the pool reporter who first tweeted news of Ferhnstrom's denial, reports that while the Romney camp is denying it's made a decision, it's not denying one may come soon. Fehrnstrom told the Associated Press the campaign could very well name one before the end of this week.

Original: The big talk of Monday morning's political news was the New York Times' report that Mitt Romney had chosen a vice presidential candidate, but, fitting a familiar pattern in campaign news, the big Monday afternoon news is a campaign aide saying the report wasn't true. "No decision's been made on V.P.," Eric Fehrnstrom, a senior Romney adviser, told reporters at a fundraiser in Baton Rouge, La., according to Politico's Emily Schultheis and Yahoo's Holly Bailey. And that's as much as we know about the denial so far. The original report, from The Times' Jeff Zeleny, said Romney had made a decision and hinted strongly that it would be Tim Pawlenty.

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