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It was supposed to be an easy policy debate for Romney's foreign policy aide, Richard Williamson. Instead, he found a way to make news two ways. First, by latching onto Tom Donilon as the White House leaker, and then by referring to Russia as the Soviet Union. 

It was Donilon who the right initially latched on to as their favorite target to pin the leaks on. On Wednesday, Williamson was doing what he's supposed to and attacking President Obama for leaking classified information to bolster his foreign policy credentials. But then Williamson jumped on the "blame Donilon" bandwagon in the middle of his answer: 

"I believe every reporter in this town knows that at least one of the sources is in the White House," Williamson said. "I think the Obama administration has figured out how to do [intelligence sharing]: Have the National Security Advisor talk to David Sanger and then all intelligence is shared."

David Sanger is the author of Confront and Conceal, a book that details classified information about U.S. cyber weaponsDianne Feinstein said she learned a lot from the book, and it's been suspected that Donilon is the guy inside the White House who gave up the classified information. 

At a different point in the same debate, Williamson had another blog-worthy moment when he was attacking Obama's stance on Syria. Williamson said Syria was "strategically important to the Soviet Union." Think Progress made sure to capture the video: 

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