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The real Devil Who Wears Prada, Carrie Bradshaw, George Clooney--the Obama reelection campaign is leaving no pop-culture touchstone unturned to raise funds, now tapping cast members of The Wire and The Good Wife's Julianna Marguiles to reach quality TV fans with money. As National Journal's Elehe Izadi reports, a $500 contribution to the Obama Victory Fund will allow you to party with the cast of The Wire on Martha's Vineyard on August 15. No word on which cast members, but one can only hope Michael K. Williams, aka, Omar Little, will be there, since the president recently told Grantland's Bill Simmons that Omar was his favorite character on the critically beloved HBO series. Meanwhile, Capital New York's Reid Pillifant notes that for $250 fans of CBS's The Good Wife can party down with Valerie Jarrett and Julianna Marguiles in New York City (paging Emily Nussbaum).  Of course, donors with deeper pockets or ardent fanboys and fangirls can spend more (around $2,000) for VIP access (for what it's worth, we wouldn't spend that unless there was a guarantee Kalinda would show up).  But in all seriousness and ignoring the implicit humor in hosting a street crime- and government corruption-focused show like The Wire on the idyllic Shangri-La that is Martha's Vineyard, these attempts come at a time when, as The New York Times reports, Obama is spending more than Romney on the campaign trail even though the president is being whipped when it comes to the fundraising front-- $73 million to $63 million in June, reports Pillifant. Obama, of course, isn't the only politician courting your television snobbery, as Paul Ryan headlined a Mad Men-themed fundraiser for the Competitive Enterprise Institute in June--though, there's a big difference between a Mad Men-themed party and one featuring actual Mad Men.

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