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When Romney's campaign made such a big deal over the donations they received the day SCOTUS ruled the Affordable Care Act was constitutional, the Obama campaigned stayed tightlipped. But something's changed, and now they're claiming they out-raised the GOP juggernaut. 

The Romney campaign started furiously tweeting the day Obama's health care bill passed. When we wrote our post they had raised $3 million. By the end of the 24 hours after the decision was announced, the Romney campaign amassed a total of $4.6 million. But the Obama campaign wouldn't tell Buzzfeed and the Washington Post what their campaign contributions were like after the health care ruling. They wouldn't budge an inch. 

Fast forward to today. We're about a week removed from health care passing. The Obama campaign is starting to look a little weak on the fundraising side of the campaign. Romney raised a whopping $100 million in June, while Obama struggled to court big money donors

So it's interesting to note this slight change in tone in the L.A. Times' Michael Memoli's report on post-health care fundraising that the Obama campaign is changing their answer ever so slightly: 


The Obama campaign, which also hit up supporters for post-decision donations, declined to specify how much it raised, though a spokesman said it was more than what the Romney campaign said its effort drew.

It's not a number, but it's enough to notice. It's a small but subtle shift that shows the campaign knows it's looked weak in terms of fundraising lately. 

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