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We are days away from the Olympics, and we'll be seeing a lot of at least one Presidential candidate's face while we watch the pole vault. The other's getting in his time with the public before the opening ceremony starts. 

MediaPost reports Obama's campaign made a mammoth $6.1 million national ad buy with NBCUniversal. An Obama ad will air every night during NBC's Olympics coverage, plus the deal includes smaller packages with other NBC-affiliated channels to air ads during daytime Olympics coverage.

The Romney campaign have not purchased any national Olympic ads. Not yet, at least. There's still time before Friday! They did, however, book an interview with NBC's Brian Williams to air live and in person from the Tower of London on Wednesday evening, Politico's Dylan Byers reports

While Obama's relying on thirty second spots during the actual broadcast for events, Romney went for your eyeball time as part of the broadcast. Shooting the interview in London is a nice touch. And Romney's time with Williams probably didn't cost near as much as Obama's ad buy did. 

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