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Ladies, wouldn't you love to learn how to "Sit, Stand and Walk Like a Model"? Well, New York state Sen. Marty Golden is here to teach you! That is, if you happen to be a constituent of his Bay Ridge, Brooklyn district. Golden, long a defender of traditional values, is offering a luncheon later this month to teach ladies "Posture, Deportment and the Feminine Presence," City & State's Chris Bragg reports. In a letter -- paid for by taxpayers, naturally -- Golden invited residents to learn from a "certified protocol consultant… what’s new in the 21st century as it relates to business etiquette and social protocol." The event listing used to be here, but appears to have been removed. The joke, of course, is that the tone is very much mid-20th century. In fact, it sounds like a scene from A League of Their Own -- you know the one, where the baseball-playing girls laugh at the stuffy customs of prissy finishing school matrons. Except this time, the teacher is a crusty old retired police officer.

Update: Golden has cancelled his lady class.

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