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The Romney campaign is finalizing the plans for a quick little jaunt across the world at the end of this month to make a big foreign policy push. Politico is reporting Romney will use the London Olympics as a launching pad for a foreign-policy campaign that would see him speak in Britain (duh), Israel, Palestine, Germany and Poland. The trip won't be as enjoyable as his most recent vacation, because he's filled it with speaking arrangements on American foreign policy and meetings with important officials.

The trip is, according to Politico, "an acknowledgement from Romney’s campaign that to defeat Obama they must do more than simply hammer the incumbent on jobs." They want to make Romney look like a real leader who'll do okay talking with other powerful world leaders. They've apparently nixed plans to go to Afghanistan because they're afraid Romney would be expected to have a well-developed stance on the country, which he does not. 

But that's not to say the trip isn't directly taking shots at the President. Poland and Israel are both destinations chosen specifically to irk the Obama campaign. Obama's relationship with Poland is still reeling after that "death camp" gaffe from May, and some are mad he hasn't visited Israel since taking office. Poland, we hear, is better in the fall, but still beautiful in the summertime. 


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