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You can't fully appreciate how mad British newspapers are at Mitt Romney without seeing their headlines in context. Sure, "Mitt the Twit" is funny, but you don't get how important an editorial statement this is for The Sun until you see it framed in black and taking up two-thirds of the page. Romney is lucky in that the thing his gaffe is about -- how ready the British are for the Olympic Games and whether they'll rally behind them -- is also the thing that kept his comments off the front pages. Opening ceremonies start Friday. Romney's going to be watching some of the competition, so he can't sneak out of the country while it's focused on something else.

"Mitt the Twit" on page 6 of The Sun, tweeted by ABC's Emily Friedman. (Politico's Mike Allen notes the pages.)

"Who invited party-pooper Romney?" on page 6 of The Daily Mail, tweeted by Kimberly Schwandt:

"'Nowhere man' Romney loses his way with gaffe about the Games," on page 12 of The Times, tweeted by CNN's Jim Acosta:

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