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You would think, after the Obama campaign debuted their knockout punch yesterday, the Romney campaign would want to come out strong with their next ad. Instead, they've pissed off two out of the three journalists featured in their thirty second spot. 

The ad uses clips of CBS's Bob Schieffer, the New York Times' David Brooks, and Time's Mark Halperin all questioning the Obama campaign's use of negative ads. "Whatever happened to hope and change?" Schieffer asks. The clip was taken from an interview with David Axelrod on Face the Nation from a few weeks ago. It appears the Romney campaign didn't ask either of the three journalists if they'd be okay with being featured in a campaign ad, and unsurprisingly at least two of them aren't pleased about it. 

The ad aired during Sunday morning's Face the Nation, and it was the first time Schieffer had seen or heard anything about the ad. He was a bit caught off guard. "That was a question that I posed to David Axelrod -- not a statement," Schieffer said on Sunday's broadcast. "I have no affiliation with the Romney campaign. This was done without our permission. I'm sure I'll get some blowback." Shortly after, Halperin tweeted his displeasure: 

David Brooks hasn't commented on his use in the ad yet, but we'll update if Mitt makes it 3/3 in pissing journalists off today. 

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