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It's been awhile since Vice President Joe Biden made us chortle with some salty off-the-cuff remark, so here he is Tuesday musing on the, erm, parental mechanics that spawned his crowded house he and his three siblings grew up in. This quote comes via several tweeting reporters on the scene in Nevada:

Those walls were awful thin, I wonder how my parents did it.

Biden was speaking at the annual conference of National Council of La Raza, in Las Vegas, and when not expressing childlike wonder at his parents' bedroom habits, he kept up his role as the Obama campaign's attack man, hitting Mitt Romney on his unreleased tax returns.

As we say, we haven't much noticed The Onion version of Biden in recent weeks, but even so, this little aside isn't very surprising coming from a man who has lately wondered about the President's "big stick" and told a room full of donors they look "dull as hell"? But much as sometimes like to muse about the how's and when's of conception, we still think it's a pretty icky topic. But then, unlike Biden, we're not comedians.

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