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Update July 13: Booker accepted the call, as we knew he would. 

Should be a fun one.

Original: The internet fiends at Reddit are requesting that Newark Mayor Cory Booker participate in an "Ask Me Anything" session with them, and the request's ascent to the Reddit front page shows the large national profile the mayor has. Booker, whose prominence seems to rise every time he makes an off-message remark on private equity or saves someone from a burning building, is being asked by Reddit user laserboy1134 to do an "IAmA" session. Laserboy even offered some questions for the mayor like, "Becoming mayor in Newark, a city notorious for corruption, did you ever fear being tempted by that corruption?" Since it was posted Thursday morning, the upvotes have poured in, and the request has drawn mostly glowing comments like, "Mayor Booker, why have I never seen you and Batman in the same place at the same time? Seems suspicious..." If Booker takes the bait, he'd be joining politicians like Congressman Darrell Issa and Congressman Jared Polis and celebrities like Louis C.K., who all survived the question-and-answer mosh pit. We've reached out to the Mayor's office to see if he's game. 

Given that Reddit's doing its best to sound like a fan club, we'd agree with the emerging consensus there that Booker is pretty likely to answer the call. Plus, he's proven himself to be pretty Internet savvy. He's a prolific Tweeter and was once romantically linked to Web queen Arianna Huffington. Then again, conspiracy theorists think he might be a little too internet savvy: "Nice try Mayor Cory Brooker's PR team." responded one Redditor who smelled a rat.

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