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It's been hot recently, and that's especially hard on politicians who are expected to spend their day in suits speaking outside. How are they supposed to keep their cool in this kind of weather? They keep cursing, snapping or generally sounding stupid. 

Chris Christie was feeling hot under the collar when he snapped at some poor reporter for asking a question he didn't like the other day. Christie, noticeably squinting in the hot sun, asked the press he was speaking with about an emergency at a water treatment plant to stay on topic. When one reporter bravely asked him an unrelated question, Christie freaked. "Didn't I say 'on topic'? Are you stupid?" he asked rhetorically before abruptly ended the press conference. "Thank you very much, and I'm sorry for the idiot over there. Take care." 

It's only just July fourth and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is already having a long, hot summer. First, there was the New York Post report about the ridiculous way his security team cools down his SUV: with a home airconditioning unit rigged onto rolling stand. Then he got into a snappy exchange with a reporter and made a sarcastic joke about needing to put a cop at the increasingly violent McCarren Pool, only to have two cop get punched there later on that day. Bloomberg had another candid moment in the hot sun at the weigh-ins for the Coney Island Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest yesterday. You can see Bloomberg grow weary as he's reading a particularly awful, pun-filled speech, before leaning away from the mic for just a second and mumbling just loud enough so everyone can hear, "Who wrote this shit?" 

The latest (and possibly greatest) summer politico heat moment came this afternoon, and from none other than Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney himself. He had two amazing quotes on Wednesday afternoon. The first one was reported by NBC's Garrett Haake, who tweeted, "A very sweaty Mitt Romney just gulped down a glass of lemonade along the parade route and described it as 'Lemon. Wet. Good.'" Lemon. Wet. Good very quickly became a meme, and yes, of course, there's a hashtag you can check out. Later, speaking near his vacation home in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Romney offered what will go down as a classic line in American rhetoric: "We want America to be more like America." 

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