Half of Hispanics Identify as Independents

During an election year when presidential candidates are vying for the Hispanic vote, a recent USA Today/Gallup poll showed that more than half of Hispanics identify as independents. This growing trend of affiliating with neither major political party now mirrors the trend among all American adults.

When Hispanics were asked about their political leanings, however, 52 percent said they are affiliated with the Democratic Party, while 23 percent said they leaned toward the Republican Party.

Those born outside the U.S. were more likely to say they were unattached to any political party, which contributed to the high independent affiliation among this group.

The trend suggests that Hispanics still haven't integrated themselves into the political system. Those who've been in the country for two or more generations tend to identify as Democrats.

The poll, which was conducted between April 12 and May 31, questioned 1,753 Hispanics.