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Herman Cain's confirmed friend and alleged something more Ginger White has returned to the public eye, writing in Salon all about—what else?—her alleged affair with Cain. This is, of course, something she documented for the press after going public with their years-long affair last December, but this time, she writes it through the lens of someone who continues to suffer for her trouble. White writes:

I finally left Atlanta and I’m currently living in D.C., hoping to move on and get my life back to normal. It’s been hard to watch Herman continue to have a voice while I struggle to find anyone to employ me. Of course, Herman has denied everything, and many people believe him. They call me terrible names. But I think there are more people who do believe me. Deep down, they know Herman Cain hasn’t been forthcoming about our relationship.

Whatever went down between these two, the whole thing is now quite sad to read about. White always seemed a bit too eager to talk to the press about her sexual history even while complaining about invasions of her privacy, but if she's unemployed with kids and struggling, so maybe discussing her one claim to fame is still her only option.

Meanwhile, she's right that Cain is happily spinning his failed campaign into a successful media career, including his own Cain TV, which The Guardian's Oliver Burkeman describes as evidence that Cain's "stuck in stunt mode." He is getting a lot of attention, though. As White writes in Salon, "The man is seriously persuasive."

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