From the Inbox: 'Say No to Rice!'

From one of my political mailing lists just now. Actually, more than one -- multiple copies have arrived in the past few minutes. We're all drowning in political emails these days, but this one seemed interesting as a data point to illustrate the narrow line the Romney campaign must walk as it tries simultaneously to "move to the center" and "energize the base." This message is obviously in response to the Matt Drudge "exclusive" report that Condoleezza Rice is emerging as the front-runner to be Mitt Romney's VP.

For the record, I agree with the Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf that Rice is in every way an unlikely choice as running mate.

But also in for-the-record spirit here is the message, from a "" email list:

>>I just forwarded this popular chain email to everyone in my address book.  Please forward this to everyone you know.  Urgent. 

---------- Forwarded message ---------

Say No to Rice!!!

I hereby vow not to vote for Mitt Romney if he chooses the liberal Condoleezza Rice as his running mate.

We thought the open-borders Rubio was bad.  Rice is even worse.  Check out some of her positions:

On most social issues, Rice is a liberal.

Like Rubio, Rice supports the Third World invasion of the US.  Both legal and illegal immigration are driving down American wages, but Rice doesn't seem to care.  Like Cultural Marxists engaged in social engineering, Rice wants to destroy the historic American nation.

Rice is tied to the disastrous foreign policy of the Bush years.  Romney should be trying to distance himself from the disastrous Bush years, not embracing them.

Rice is inexperienced, uninspiring and uncharismatic.  (In fact, she's quite unattractive.)

Rice has never held elected office.  The selection of her as a running mate would be blatant affirmative action -- much like Obama getting the early blessing of the Democratic Party was blatant affirmative action.  Aren't Republicans supposed to be against affirmative action?

If it's a female that Romney seeks as his running mate, there are much better choices, such as Jan Brewer, who would inspire and energize conservatives.

If Romney is so naive to select someone like Rice as his running mate, he doesn't deserve conservatives' votes.

Please take the conservative pledge with me and promise not to vote for Romney  -- either don't vote for vote third party -- if Romney chooses Rice as his running mate.

Thank you.

Please forward this to everyone you know.<<