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Fox News's morning show Fox and Friends certainly has the most original rebuttal to President Obama's "you didn't build that" speech that we've seen: The hosts interviewed Clara and Eliza Sutton, two lemonade stand owners and pundits-in-waiting aged seven and four. Seriously.

The segment, which seems to be a follow up on an equally entertaining piece, opened by replaying Obama's lines about the ways businesses benefit from government infrastructure -- most famous for the phrase "You didn't build that" -- and then host Brian Kilmeade begins with, "Wow, well, these two girls beg to differ. They built their lemonade business not only without government help, but without any help." What follows is pretty adorable, if also pretty well-coached, with lines like, "I can't tell you our recipe because it's proprietary," but each of them fails to stay on message in her own special way. When Kilmeade asks Eliza "who helped you," she doesn't say "no one!" but names some "investors," namely her stepmom and her dad. Stick to the script, Eliza!

Meanwhile, Kilmeade asks Clara, "How do you feel about the president saying you needed help to start this business and just speak from within?" Clara answers only by yawning. (Maybe she just wasn't familiar with the kerfuffle. Sesame Street probably didn't lead with the president's comments.)

Our verdict: these ladies are all set in the cuteness department, but they aren't the world's most persuasive pundits. You can watch the whole segment here, but if you're short on time, let's all just assume you'll be able to catch it on everyone's favorite Fox and Friends syndicator: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart—after all, the show frequently featured its own tiny bloviators back in 2004 and 2005.)

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