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Antonin Scalia says he's BFF with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, he didn't have a falling out with John Roberts, he doesn't think Roe vs. Wade makes sense and how he thinks SuperPACs bring more free speech on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight

Morgan asked him about his relationship with John Roberts after the Supreme Court judge cast the deciding vote for Obama's health care policy. There were rumors the two were feuding. "No, I haven’t had a falling out with Justice Roberts,” Scalia said. Morgan pushed. "Loud words exchanged, slamming of doors?" he asked. "No, no, nothing like that," Scalia responded. Scalia did say that his "best buddy" on the court is and always has been Ruth Bader Ginsberg, even though they don't agree on anything. (It's true. Scalia agreed with Ginsberg the least of any of the Supreme Court Judges over the last year according to a Washington Post chart.)

When Morgan asked him about abortion, he said he doesn't think the Roe vs. Wade decision makes any sense. "The theory that was expounded to impose that decision was a theory that does not make any sense, and that is namely the theory of substantive due process," Scalia said. Scalia argued that because the Constitution doesn't say anything about abortion than it should be decided on a state-by-state basis. "What Roe v. Wade said was that no state can prohibit it. That is simply not in the Constitution," he argued. 

Morgan also asked Scalia about his thoughts on Super PACs effects on campaign spending and free speech. Scalia said he sees no problem with the level of Super PAC campaign financing, and compared them to newspapers. "No, I think Thomas Jefferson would have said the more speech, the better," Scalia said. "That’s what the first amendment is all about. So long as the people know where the speech is coming from... You can’t separate speech from the money that facilitates the speech." You can watch a clip of that question here: 

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