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As the U.S.'s mens and womens Olympic basketball teams stomped all over Brazil last night in D.C., President Barack Obama needed two chances to get a smooch from Michelle on the "Kiss Cam" jumbotron. President Obama, the first lady, daughter Malia and Vice President Joe Biden were all on hand in D.C.'s Center last night and saw the women's team blow out Brazil 99-67, and the men follow suit with a 80-69 win--both were exhibitions with nothing at stake, which is probably why we're focusing on the President being subjected to the awkward PDA-power of the Kiss Cam. Listen, even though we know details about how Barack tucks Michelle into bed at night (thank you People magazine), and have seen our fair share of the couple's adorable displays of affection, it's a whole different game when you have to do it in the middle of a packed stadium with people audibly rooting for you to smooch. According to the AP, he needed two chances, as Michelle didn't approve of the first Kiss Cam pass. Here's the president's first (failed) attempt and the Verizon Center's unhappy reaction :

That booing, along with some adorable goading from Malia got a better result and reaction on the second time:  



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