Diversity Roundup: Baltimore Wants Your Immigrants

Welcome, Immigrants: Even as some states are drafting legislation to lock up illegal immigrants, declining population counts in some cities like Baltimore has led officials to find new ways of attracting them. Rolling out the welcome mat in so-called "sanctuary cities" are certainly bumping up the Hispanic population in these areas, but they're not without their own critics, the Washington Post reports.

Language Preservation: Fearing that their language was heading for extinction, the Chukchansi tribe donated $1 million to California State University, Fresno, to help compile a dictionary and grammar guide, New American Media reports.

Muppets, Chicken, Oh My: Chick-Fil-A says they were thinking of breaking up with The Muppets way before the puppet company pulled their toys from the chain's kids' meals. The Jim Henson Company released a statement earlier saying Dan Cathy's remarks against homosexuality and gay marriage was the final straw, but Chick-Fil-A says it was the toys' "potential safety concerns" that did the trick, The Atlantic Wire reports.

The Battle Over Health Insurance: The Congressional Budget Office released estimations of how many Americans would be affected by the Supreme Court decision on President Obama's Affordable Care Act, finding that about 3 million people would be left in the cold now that states can choose whether to expand their Medicaid coverage, the Huffington Post reports. But, the office also predicted that government costs to expand coverage would actually cost about $84 billion less than they thought in March.