Diversity Roundup: Ads Reveal the Softer Side of Romney

Generation Gap? Try Generation Gorge: Americans 65 and older back Mitt Romney for president while most adults under 30 support President Obama, according to a new USA Today/Gallup poll. The gap is by 18 percentage points, the largest demographic gap for this election and perhaps the most significant focus for both campaigns, USA Today reports.

The Softer Side of Romney: New ads released by Mitt Romney's campaign take a gentler approach to convincing disillusioned swing voters to vote for him. Poll data show that this crucial bloc of voters, many of whom are women, like President Obama personally but are unsatisfied with his job performance--and Romney wants them to know that it's OK, the Associated Press reports.

Older Latinos Struggle to Stay Afloat: One in five middle-aged and older Latinos have delayed retirement, according to a new AARP report that has found older Americans in general struggling to cope with the consequences of the Great Recession. Like other Americans, middle-aged Latinos are struggling to care for their elderly parents while maintaining economic security. However, Latinos typically have less retirement income and often face more barriers such as language, making it more difficult for them to bounce back, New America Media reports.

Illegal Immigrant Recidivism: About one in six illegal immigrants are re-arrested for criminal activity within three years of release, according to data released by the Republican-controlled House Judiciary Committee and nonpartisan Congressional Research Service. The data is based on arrest records collected from the Department of Homeland Security, Fox News reports.