Democrats to Officially Back Gay Marriage

The Democratic Party has for the first time decided to endorse same-sex marriage in its platform, according to reports. The move comes after President Obama announced his support for gay marriage earlier this year.

The Washington Blade, citing two sources, reported that the committee drafting the platform endorsed gay marriage during a meeting on Sunday in Minneapolis. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., who sits on the committee, told the paper that the 15-member group adopted the language unanimously.

"I was part of a unanimous decision to include it," Frank said. "There was a unanimous decision in the drafting committee to include it in the platform, which I supported, but everybody was for it."

Obama's position is in line with polls that show majorities of Democrats and independents favor same-sex marriage. Still, the issue carries risk for some party members who represent culturally conservative areas. Gay marriage remains a divisive political issue: Despite polls showing mounting support, North Carolina voters decided in May to ban the unions. The president publicly endorsed same-sex marriage a few days later.

Most Republicans, including presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, oppose gay marriage.