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The Democratic Party appears likely to put support for same-sex marriage on its platform this year, a move that months ago would have been interesting for putting the party at odds with President Obama, but following his personal support for marriage equality, now serves as a big sign of how far the issue has advanced. In 2008, the party's platform didn't endorse marriage equality, though it did oppose the Defense of Marriage Act. At the time, Obama the Nominee more openly opposed same sex marriage. Then in March there were reports that support was growing for its place on the 2012 platform, but that the White House was resisting. Now, The Washington Blade's Chris Johnson is reporting that the platform drafting committee approved language in support of same-sex marriage. Talking Points Memo cites an anonymous Democratic source who says the party "intends" to include the language in the full platform, though it will need approval from the full platform committee and of course from the Charlotte convention delegates, who convene in early September.

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