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The Hill newspaper has released it's annual want-but-can't-look-away of a listicle: The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People, which rounds up the most attractive politicos the swampland has to offer. The big news this year: Democrats have are now just as attractive as Republicans. In the spirit of a rare friendly, non-ideological inter-party competition, (arbitrary and deeply unscientific as it may be) we've tallied up the numbers of people that made the list according to party affiliation (aw, you're welcome!) and they are:

  • Democrats: 22
  • Republicans: 22 
  • Independents/Unaffiliated/Undisclosed: 7
  • Libertarians: 1

By our totally arbitrary rules, just as ties go to the runner, so to do libertarians go to the Republicans (also one of the "moderates" used to intern for Republicans) so the GOP would win our completely arbirtary tie-breaker this year. But, hey, the Democrats are coming into their own. In 2011, there were 26 Republicans to just 16 Democrats.

The list is and its subsequent mocking have becoming something of an annual tradition in D.C., with people somewhat unnecessarily noting every year that D.C.'s most beautiful don't exactly measure up to, say, People's Sexiest Men Alive. Still, The Hill wouldn't keep putting out the list if we didn't keep mindlessly clicking and picking apart the selections (Michele Bachmann's presence is getting some buzz) with our co-workers, so by all means, click away.

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