Celebrating Independence Day Across the World--PICTURES

Countries across the world celebrate their independence days in various ways, from somber days of remembrance to joyful patriotic displays much like in the United States. In celebration of Fourth of July, Americans everywhere will light their grills, wave flags, and enjoy a midsummer's day in anticipation of the fireworks that come after sunset. We've gathered photos of other countries who also boast independence days in July.

People pull over to the side of the road in Beltsville, Md. to watch the Fourth of July fireworks on Wednesday, 2012.  (National Journal)
Algiers rooftop view of the Mediterranean. (National Journal)
The Obelisk (El Obelisco) along Nueve de Julio Avenue in Buenos Aires. The thoroughfare, named after Argentina's independence day (9 July 1816), is generally considered the widest avenue in the world. The Obelisk, built in 1936, measures 67 meters high (220 feet) and commemorates the founding of the city. (National Journal)
Nassau Harbor in the Bahamas (National Journal)
National Journal
Located at a central crossroads in the capital city of Vientiane, Patouxai means "victory gate" in the Lao language. Built in 1962 to honor those who died in previous wars, many locals refer to it as Anousavali, meaning simply "the monument." (National Journal)
Jumhoorie Maidan (Republic Square) was set up in 1989 on the waterfront of Male, the capital and largest city in the Maldives. Male, sometimes known as King's Island, was the royal seat for the former rulers of the Maldives. The Maldives consist of 1,190 coral islands averaging only 1.5 m above sea level. Once Buddhist, the Maldives are now predominately Muslim. (National Journal)
People gather around a statue of former Southern Sudanese leader John Garang, draped in the national flag of South Sudan, during independence celebrations in Juba, South Sudan, Saturday, July 9, 2011. South Sudan raised the flag of its new nation for the first time on Saturday, as thousands of South Sudanese citizens swarmed the capital of Juba to celebrate the country's birth. (AP Photo/David Azia) (National Journal)
View from a building along the Av. Vollmer in San Bernandino, Caracas, in Venezuela. (National Journal)