Where Are Our Refugee Immigrants From?

In this photo taken on Tuesday, June 19, 2012, Tibetan Tsering Dolma,54, who fled Tibet 26 years ago, works in the Tibetan Handicraft Center at a Tibetan refugee camp, in Katmandu, Nepal. The camp, which houses around 350 Tibetans who have crossed the border into Nepal from Tibet, was set up in 1960 under the initiative of the International Red Cross and the Swiss Development Corporation. The camp's main objective is to enable the refugees with the necessary skills to support themselves and live productive lives. World refugee Day, a day initiated by the United Nations to raise awareness on the plight of refugees worldwide, is observed on June 20 every year.  (National Journal)

In recognition of World Refugee Day -- held June 20 each year -- we've compiled graphs listing the top countries from which people have fled to come to the U.S., according to data from the Census Bureau.