What Happened at Sarah Jessica Parker's Obama Fundraiser

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Just in case you can't afford the $40,000 per plate price tag, or you didn't win the Obama campaign's win-a-trip-to-a-fundraiser contest, we've got you covered. This is everything that went down at Sarah Jessica Parker's big Obama party. 

With such a steep asking price for a single meal, it's no surprise the list of attendees is fairly distinguished. The dinner was co-hosted by Anna Wintour, and designer Michael Kors was there. Also in attendance were Meryl Streep and Andy Cohen. Aretha Franklin was there, but only very briefly. Noticeably missing from the dinner was Parker's husband Matthew Broderick, who got called out by the President for having to skip the dinner to appear on Broadway in Nice Work If You Can Get It. No one has reported if Obama made a joke about the play being based on his job. 

Parker introduced President Obama with a hug and a kiss, and called Michelle, "our radiant and extraordinary first lady." 

Obama criticized Republican attack ads for portraying Americans are frustrated and "it's the fault of the guy in the White House." He said the ads have, "an elegant message; it happens to be wrong. But it's crisp. You can fit it on a bumper sticker." 

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At one point during his speech, Obama was interrupted by Sarah Jessica Parker's son who started clapping when the President brought up GM's success. "He wanted to fire up the crowd," Obama joked. Not one to miss a beat, Andy Cohen barked, "He knows an applause line. Right on cue!"

The only person who didn't pay for their meal was Robin Hunt, a project coordinator at John Hopkins who won the Obama campaign's donate-and-get-a-dinner draw. 

[The photo is from the 2010 Democratic National Convention. Obama said in his speech Thursday night that he and Michelle were "great friends" with the Parkers.]

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