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Mitt Romney's graphics team misspelled (and randomly hyphenated) the words "sneak peek," typing "sneak-peak" instead, in a minor campaign graphic this weekend to the glee of snarky political watchers who fondly remember last week's little "Amercia" incident. This is, of course, the height of inconsequential, but a fun data point as we muse on the end of copy editing in Amercia. (And it must be said: The Wire has no ground to stand on when it comes to perfect copy eidting.)

This entry into the Romney misspelling Olympics is a bit lacking in what made last week's so great, which is that America is sort of an important word in a presidential campaign and also kind of rare to see spelled wrong. "Sneak-peak" is neither very important to a presidential campaign nor particularly hard to misspell. In fact, there's a Twitter robot called Stealth Mountain (get it?) dedicated to tweeting at people who write "sneak peak" to point out their mistake. The account only sends tweets that read, "[@mention] I think you mean 'sneak peek.'" It has sent 95,470 such tweets. So, yeah, clearly Romney's team has company. (And don't get us started on frivolous uses of the hyphen ... because we'll bore you.) Still, two typos is a trend! 

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