Obama Campaign Issues TV Ads in Español

The Obama campaign launched Spanish-language television ads on Tuesday, featuring the Hispanic journalist Cristina Saralegui.

In the ads, Saralegui focuses on the president's policies toward heath care and the economy. In a release, the campaign said the health care reform law made coverage available for 9 million previously uninsured Americans.

The ads will air in NevadaColorado and Florida.

On Monday, the campaign announced Saralegui's endorsement, coming just days after the president announced his administration's new immigration policy.

"This is a critical time for our country and for the Hispanic community," she said in a statement. "Hispanics could very well decide the next election and I will do everything I can from now until November to ensure that President Obama is re-elected; there's simply too much at stake. President Obama, I was very fortunate to live the American dream and I know that only you will make it possible for millions more to do the same. You've had our back, and now, with utmost respect and admiration, I have yours."

The Romney campaign has also launched Spanish-language ads, saying that Obama's economic policies have made it difficult for the Latino community.