Mitt Romney Raises $3 Million After Health Care Ruling

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The Romney campaign is turning the Supreme Court's health care ruling into serious cash, raising $3.2 million since Thursday morning. We noted earlier that Romney raised $300,000 in the first hour after the ruling was announced, but it's clearly taken off since then. The $3.2 million came from over 30,000 individual donors, according to Buzzfeed's Zeke Miller, Politico's Alexander Burns, and Romney press secretary Andrea Saul. This is the first time the Romney campaign has really made a splash with small time donors, as Buzzfeed's Miller explains

By contrast, in the entire month of May, Romney's first month as the presumptive Republican nominee, the candidate listed 27,661 individual donations who reached the $200 reporting threshold on Federal Election Commission filings.

Romney's fundraising efforts so far have focused almost entirely on courting big money donors in places like Utah, so to focus the small donor market for the first time is a win for them. Whether the Romney campaign can turn the anger over the Affordable Care Act into long-term, sustained donations remains to be seen, but Republicans would have to continue to bring up the ruling all summer, and create new outrage to keep people interested.  

How is Obama's campaign doing after the ruling, you ask?  The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza tweeted, when Romney's fundraising totals were still around the $2 million mark, that he asked the Obama campaign how much they've received so far, but they wouldn't give an answer. Buzzfeed's Miller got the same answer. The Dems are trying, though. They're just keeping their hand close to their chest. As Politico's Tarini Parti points out, Obama 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina, Vice President Joe Biden and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel all sent out emails before and after the ruling encouraging supporters to donate to the campaign. 

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