Michelle Obama Will Be Sitting Out Mayor Bloomberg's War on Soda

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Obesity Warrior Michelle Obama came out in support of Mayor Bloomberg's "war on soda," but she hedged it about as much as one can. Obama spoke to the Associated Press, which paraphrased her interview:

First lady Michelle Obama says banning big servings of sugary drinks isn't anything she'd want to do at the federal level but she applauded New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday for proposing to do just that at city eateries.

That sounds like she's in favor of the ban, but it's pretty tepid support, like saying, "I like your outfit, I just wouldn't wear it." In fact, it reminds us of another famous declaration of support for a controversial issue from an Obama -- specifically President Obama's "personal" support for same-sex marriage paired with his desire to see it play out on a state level.

Mrs. Obama also told the A.P. there's no "one-size-fits-all" solution... and given the size of your average 32 oz. soda-drinking American, let's all just thank goodness for that.

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