In Los Angeles, Obama Goes For Even More Gay Money

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Hey, if we made $1 million dollars within 90 minutes of announcing our support for same-sex marriage you can sure bet our next events would include Cher and a house party with the guy who made Glee.

That's what Obama did last night, getting support from out gay stars like Jane Lynch, Glee creator Ryan Murphy, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson not to mention A-list celebrities like Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon. The president even got Cher to come out to his Beverly Hill Wilshire event, according to Deadline Hollywood's Dominic Patten.

Cher, Glee, gay pride month fundraising... You can sort of tell where Obama is going with this. And we don't blame him, since the president has been rolling in dough since announcing his support for same-sex marriage. His campaign revealed today he raised $60 million in May (that's up nearly $20 million from the month before) thanks in part to his announcement and his star-studded fundraisers with George Clooney and Ricky Martin. Sure, nothing really happens at these things and they're mostly an opportunity (of late) for Obama to reiterate his LGBT policies (hey, did you hear he repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell), but c'mon who would you want to write about--Cher or Romney's visit to Dallas's Belo mansion


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