Lamborn Calls for Boycott of Gazette

Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colo., has called on legislative candidates in his state to boycott the Colorado Springs Gazette after an interview he gave to the paper resulted in some bad press.

In a message meant for state House candidate Albert Sweet, but mistakenly left on another person's voice mail, Lamborn encouraged Sweet to skip an interview with The Gazette, saying that he had "real problems" with the way the paper treated him and calling the paper "dishonest" and "unfair," according to The Denver Post. The audio recording was obtained and released by Lamborn's GOP primary opponent, businessman Robert Blaha. The Gazette reported that Lamborn also contacted at least one other state House candidate, who later turned down an interview request.

Lamborn has complained that the paper did not inform him that it would allow Blaha to submit a written response to his video interview, and that the response the paper published did not address the issues raised in the interview. Lamborn has also complained about bad press he has received for telling The Gazette that he feels like he has "gone beyond" the legacy of his predecessor, former GOP Rep. Joel Hefley. The Gazette and other Colorado media have picked up on the line and Hefley's response that Lamborn is a "knucklehead."

Lamborn will face Blaha in the Republican primary on Tuesday.