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Darrell Issa is going go ahead with holding Eric Holder in contempt of Congress on Wednesday, after the two sides couldn't come to a deal during a last minute meeting Tuesday evening, unless he gets documents relating to the Fast & Furious program by 10 a.m. Wednesday morning. 

Politico's By John Bresnahan and Jake Sherman report Issa and Holder "remained at loggerheads" after a 20 minute meeting Tuesday evening. This is why the two couldn't come to a deal:

The crux of the issue is simple: Holder said he’ll brief the committee on documents detailing what the Justice Department knew about the program if Issa would agree to forgo his threat to hold Holder in contempt of Congress. For Holder, the contempt issue has to disappear. Issa, for his part, said he wants the documents in his hands before he makes any decision about whether to proceed with the contempt vote.

Issa's been campaigning for Holder to turn over Justice Department documents relating to what they know about the Fast & Furious program. He gave Holder until 10 a.m. Wednesday when the hearing starts to produce the documents he wants or the contempt vote will go forward. 

In interviews after the meeting, Holder accused Issa of being "involved more in political gamesmanship" than actually trying to reach an agreement. Rep. Elijah Cummings, who sat in on the meeting, said they couldn't reach a deal because Issa keeps "moving the goalposts," and said Issa "had even made up his mind before we even walked in the room."

The "political gamesmanship" like from Holder is interesting. Issa accused the Justice Department of playing "political gotcha games" when he threatened Holder with the contempt process in February. 

Correction: The orinal version of this mistakenly said Issa was going to hold Eric Cantor in contempt. The meeting between Holder and Issa was in Eric Cantor's Capitol suite. 

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