This Is How Much Obama is Embracing the Obamacare Ruling

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While the Supreme Court's ruling that Obamacare is constitutional is a big victory for President Obama, there was some speculation that the White House wouldn't celebrate too much, because the law as a whole is still unpopular. By labeling the mandate a tax, the Supreme Court might have made it even more "toxic," The Huffington Post's Sam Stein and Ryan Grim say, noting that "Democrats have exhibited general wariness with championing it on the campaign stump. Democrats won today's battle, but the war over health care remains unsettled." Slate's John Dickerson writes, "The president once said he welcomed a fight over health care, but he doesn't want one now. Obama aides expect and hope that Republicans will want to make the election a fight over health care, but their view is that the country does not want to go through a health care fight again."

The polls certainly made a good case for Obama trying to drop the issue. It's true, Obama only accepted the term "Obamacare" itself less than a year ago. And yet, looky here. The fist-pumping T-shirt shown above is for sale at It not only celebrates the ruling, but makes a reference to Joe Biden's f-bomb way back when the controversial law passed.

Update: Romney's campaign has issued its own shirt response. It's not quite as pithy:

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