How CBS Scored the First Non-Fox Sunday Morning Romney Interview

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Bob Schieffer called out the Romney campaign for only doing Fox, and now he gets to do the first interview with Mitt on a Sunday morning show not named Fox News Sunday

CBS broke the news on Face The Nation's Twitter account on Sunday evening, and we found out from Politico's Maggie Haberman, who said the booking, "represents a shift toward the general election campaign." This is likely true. As she points out, this is a setting he's tried to steer clear of, but Romney was going to have to start doing the other Sunday talk shows eventually. We're just surprised (and a little impressive) he chose to break the ice with CBS and Schieffer.

Schieffer called the Romney campaign out a few weeks ago for not coming on the other Sunday talk shows. Speaking with Romney advisor Ed Gillespie on Face The Nation, Schieffer asked, "You think we're ever going to see [Mitt Romney] on one of these Sunday morning interview shows?" "I know he does Fox, but we'd love to have him some time, as would Meet the Press and the ABC folk, I would guess," he continued. Gillespie told him Romney spoke to school children that week, to which Schieffer said, "I know schoolchildren are happy to see him." Gillespie did say Romney would have to start to, "consider a number of options" and the morning shows were one of them.

So congratulations to Schieffer for calling out the Romney campaign for not doing his show, and to the Romney campaign for booking their first appearance with the guy. As always, we'll be recapping it for The Sunday Grind

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