Fit Romney: Is It Time to Worry About Mitt's Food Issues?

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It should come as no surprise that Mitt Romney suffered a mental block when he tried to say the word "doughnut" at an Iowa diner Friday. We've been seeing the warning signs of Romney's problems with food for months. When Romney dares to eat a slice of pizza, he pulls off the cheese. He "relished" KFC, but he pulls off the skin. You know another term for the cheese on pizza and the skin on fried chicken? The "good parts." It's time to admit it: The Republican presidential nominee has food issues.

Do we need to have a talk with Romney about body image? Watch him fight his inner demons as he pretends to want a doughnut with chocolate icing on top.

He doesn't even eat the pastry in front of the Iowans, as BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins reports. Instead, he asks that one of the "chocolate goodies finds a way to our ride." Where he'll probably throw it into the trash, like a troubled teenage girl.

In April, Romney refused to eat a voter's cookies, saying they looked like they came from the "local 7-Eleven." With a bit of a grimace, Romney said, "I'm not sure about these cookies. They don't look like you made them." If they're not homemade, they probably have transfats, right Mitt Romney?

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Sure, on occasion, Romney has been photographed eating food. But the only picture we could find of him actually finishing his plate was taken more than four years ago.

The voters at the Golden Egg Dinner in Portsmouth, New Hampshire sure looked happy Romney was digging in on January 4, 2008. But Romney doesn't: He looks like he's forcing himself to eat.

And look at his face when he does have to chow down on fatty food, like at the Iowa State Fair last August. Look at his expression as he eats a pork product on a stick. It says, "I'm doing this for you people. I hope you're happy." (More examples can be found here.)

We scoured photos of his campaign bus for signs of thinspo -- as in thinspiration, the photos of skinny models that teenagers post on sites like Pinterest to inspire them to eat only air. This was the most suspicious image we spotted:

In The Right Fights Back, the Politico ebook about the primary by Mike Allen and Evan Thomas, they report that Romney stays skinny by eating "turkey breast, rice, and broccoli, chased by water or maybe a Diet Coke." At least he's still eating carbs.

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