Now Jerry Sandusky's Son Says Penn State Coach Abused Him

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Jerry Sandusky's adopted son Matt has told authorities that his father abused him, The Associated Press reports. The 33-year-old Sandusky's lawyer issued a statement Thursday saying he was prepared to testify at the former Penn State football coach's trial. The statement didn't elaborate on the abuse and came as jurors began deliberating the 48 charges of against him.

Matt's biological mother had suspicions about Sandusky, the Harrisburg Patriot-News' Sarah Ganin reported last fall:

Matt went to live with the Sandusky family after he was caught setting fire to a barn in 1995.
Children and Youth Services placed him with the Sandusky family at Jerry Sandusky’s request. He knew Matt through The Second Mile.

Matt tried to kill himself four months after moving in with Sandusky. 

A follow-up story in March offered more details:

Well before Sandusky was accused of being a child molester, Matt’s biological mother was the lone voice of concern when Sandusky took her son into foster care in 1996. Notes to her attorney show she challenged the court, made accusations of stalkinglike behavior against Sandusky and suspected abuse....

A source close to Jill Thomas, Matt’s ex-wife and the mother of his three children, told The Patriot-News that Jill agreed to be interviewed by police as part of the Sandusky investigation. 

According to the source, she said Matt was estranged from Sandusky for a long time, and only talked to him a few times during their marriage.

When Jerry Sandusky would call Matt, she told police, Matt would keep the conversations private. But every time he hung up the phone he would go to the bathroom and throw up.

Matt's biological mother testified before the grand jury that she once asked Matt if Sandusky touched him inappropriately, and he responded, "I don’t want to talk about it."

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