Dick Cheney's Daughter Got Married This Morning

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Every big life decision Mary Cheney makes will always be news, because she's the openly gay daughter of not just any Republican, but former Vice President Dick Cheney. That was true Friday, when she married longtime partner Heather Poe. Cheney and Poe were married in Washington, D.C, The Daily Caller's Alex Pappas reports. Cheney's parents said in a statement, "Mary and Heather have been in a committed relationship for many years, and we are delighted that they were able to take advantage of the opportunity to have that relationship recognized."

Cheney and Poe have two children together, and she's long insisted that her private life shouldn't become a political issue for her father. When her son was born in 2007, she said, "This is a baby. This is a blessing from God. It is not a political statement." Her parents were furious when John Edwards brought her up in his vice presidential debate with her dad in 2004 as Republicans were putting anti-gay marriage initiatives on the ballot in several swing states. But Dick Cheney did let the personal influence the political earlier this year, when he lobbied Maryland Republicans to pass a law allowing gay marriage.

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