Colbert: Will Stoners Put on Pants, Swing Election for Obama?

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Stephen Colbert discussed The Atlantic Wire's post, "Is Legalizing Weed Obama's Secret Weapon?," on Thursday's show, wondering whether marijuana initiatives on several state ballots could swing a close election for the president. "Folks, these pro-pot initiatives, if they make it onto the ballot, I say Romney is doomed," Colbert deadpanned. "Because we all know pot smokers are highly-motivated, organized, and punctual. There is nothing they would love more than getting off the couch, putting on pants, and going to high school gyms packed with judgmental old people."

Romney shouldn't give up all hope yet, though, according to Colbert. Republicans can block the vote with beautifully shot nature shows. "I say, folks, Romney's only hope is that on November 6, Discovery runs a Planet Earth marathon… OOOH, BLEEP DID YOU SEE THAT SHARK?!" 

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